We are Excited to Announce New Dealer Retail Financing Programs for our Park Model Homes!

More Affordability with Extended Loan Terms!

30-Year Terms for Land-Secured Borrowers!

25-Year Terms for Most Home-Only Borrowers!

As Low As 0% Down Payment

Longer Terms + Great Rates = Lower Payments!

  • Finance our Park Model Home on Our Lot Or…
  • Finance our Park Model Home & Place on Your Lot …Or
  • Finance our Park Model Home Only

We Offer a Variety of Loan Programs To Suit Your Needs!

  • Home Only
  • Land & Home
  • Vacation Homes
  • Investment Properties
  • Better & Faster Service
  • Financing of All Credit Scores
  • 30 Year Terms Available for qualifying Land Home Loans
  • No PMI
  • No Manufactured Home Rate Bump
  • No Rate Bump for Financing Fees or Originations Cost
  • Competitive Closing Cost
  • Zero Down for 750+ Credit Scores for Land Home Loans
  • Flexible DTI
  • Net Disposable Income of $0.01
  • Construction Loans with Land Improvement Draws available (1x Close)
  • No Construction Loan Fee (Stage Interest Only)
  • Qualified Mortgage may require “No Appraisal”

Multiple Specialty Programs

  • Land Home with only 20% Down for below 575 Credit Scores within budgeting requirements
  • 1099 customers can be financed with only 12 full months of job time & 20% Down
  • 100% of Land Equity now available for All Credit Scores
  • Vacation Homes with as little as 10% Down for 700+ Credit Scores
  • Investment loans with a minimum of 20% Down
  • Buy-Fors with a minimum of 20% Down

For More Information

Call Colorado Park Model Homes at 719-900-3399